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ROBOFORM.COM RoboForm: The RoboForm executable file has your affiliate id embedded. You may link directly to the below URL (recommended) or host on your own website: For your convenience, we offer the following landing pages. In addition to installs, 'php/land.php' Landing Pages record visitor clicks. To get HTML code of Banner+Link, go to the Banners page, and click the desired banner. English: Homepage design-Trial Download Link Homepage Link Homepage design-Pro emphasis Link Select Your License page Link Checkout Cart RoboForm Desktop Link Japanese: Japanese FPA with robot Link Japanese FPA with smiley emoticon Link Japanese main landing page emphasizing "download" Link Japanese alternate landing page Link Spanish: Spanish version of Alternate landing page emphasizing RoboForm features Link Spanish version of land.php (Similar to Homepage) Link German: German version of land.php Link *Cool feature*: add "&rec" to end of URL to personalize see example (only works with below landing pages): Substitute "Website Name" with your website's name RoboForm2Go: Similar to RoboForm, you may host the file on your server or link to the below URL: English: Homepage Link Checkout Cart Link


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