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Just click on the link below type the give IP address on your browser, login and password for the site is root , it is root for both the login and password and add your miner. One miner you might want to use is If you can donate to this bitcoin address1MWZkA9nZ3jyWPoFAcpwHDVSR6yNMmcimp  or here http://PayPal.Me/adultchatvipvoy/25
To find your wlan setting  download this:
Try this one use google chrome to sign up and sign in  you have to have a cell or smartphone to log in constantly, depending on the server you can either cash out through paypal or your bank account after selecting sell when you make a deposit you can use or a  Visa card to connect to  it and withdraw money costs only $10 or .001 bitcoins. Finally, you can not only use Bitcoins but also BitcoinCash Ethereum  Litecoins and US Dollar


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