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[url=]Director: Man Wah Cast: Chang Lik, Carter Wong, Mu Wun Hsia Popular kung fu leading man Carter Wong stars in this supernatural martial arts thriller filled with .[/url]
[url=]Director: LI Chao-Yung Cast: Roc Tien, Doris Lung Jun Erh, Tien Ho, Kam Kong The Purple Jade Badger: is what all martial artists seek, a magical elixir that will .[/url]
[url=]Director: Wu Ma Cast: Meng Fei, Tan Tao Liang, Yu Tien Lung, Dean Shek A Grindhouse classic! During the Ching Dynasty in China, two influential martial .[/url]
[url=]Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1978) Full Movie AKA: Ren Gui She Hu Da Jue Dou (original title) Action | Adventure Director: Wah Man Stars: Hsi Chang, .[/url] 
[url=]Raiders of the Shaolin Temple (1982) The Wu Tang seek to destroy the Shaolin Temple. The monks of Shaolin pin their hopes on a lone disciple to hold back the Wu horde. Training him are various teachers, including two crippled masters.[/url]
[url=]Director: Hao Fang (as Shi Hou Fong)  Writer: Fu-Wen Chung Stars: Sonny Yu, Yung-Hsin Chao, Ying Bai[/url]
[url=]Ninja Terminator Ninja Terminator is a 1985 film created by Godfrey Ho and starring Richard Harrison with Jang Lee Hwang, Jonathan Wattis, Maria Francesca Godfrey Ho Cinema 9ZIv2_Tem14 Published on Mar 5, 2015[/url]
[url=]Big Boss of Shanghai 1979 Director: Chen Kuan-tai with Chen Kuan-Tai, Fong Lung, Chen Sing. Directed by Chen Kuan-Tai.[/url]
[url=]Plot: It begins with two guys walking in a canyon and that whistling song heard in many of these movies. They stop for noodles but have no payment. They meet the rich guy that wants to hire Chen Kuan-Tai for a bodyguard but he refuses on morality. Next he admonishes Cheng Kang- Yeh for stealing. They get in more trouble with the local big shot, so hop a train to Shanghai to seek fortune and fame. They start at the docks. They defeat the protection guy Chan Wai-Lau. The two friends soon have a problem between each other about how to manage their new success.[/url]
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[url=]Bruce Li discovers a hidden stash of gold while scuba diving, he and his friends divide it up between them. The gang, who stole the gold, track Bruce and his friends down one by one. They slowly try to get back what they believe to be their property.[/url]
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